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The Yearly Cycle Casket £29.99

The Wiccan Wheel of Festivals

Samhaine 31st October.

The end of the Pagan year sees the Goddess as the crone the season of the dark moon

Yule - Winter solstice 21st December.

The days now lengthen.

Imbolc - Candlemass 2nd February.

The bringer of light the goddess from child to maiden.

Oestara -The Vernal Equinox 21st March.

Equilqilbrem of day and night to begin a new.

Beltaine May 1st Day.

The uniting of the gods.

Comhain or Litha - Summer Solstice - Midsummer day 21stJune.

The longest day of bright magical power before the days draw in and light retreats,

Lammas - Lughinasgh - Lughnasad 1st August.

The harvest, the feast the festival of crops and winter,

Maybon - Madron, The Autumn Equinox 21st September.

The time of balance between day and night as equal.  The finalising of the harvest.    

Candlemass on 2nd February, represents, fire, embracing the light..

This is followed by Easter, May Day, and the Summer Solstice, and its diminishing light.

Lammas is celebrated of the harvest and Autumn..  

All Hallows Eve is a collective of festivals celebrated throughout the world marking light fading into night.  

The 1st of November engages different cultures (especially in Mexico) to rejoice on the day of the dead,, lasting over a couple of days.,  Lanterns burn brightly lighting up a procession to the cemetery accompanied by Food and drink, placed on the greaves of their loved ones .  The festivals of lights, guide the spiritual dead back into our earthly dimension, or port hole For the dead’s yearly passage of visitation.

Finally Yule or Christmas, marking the end, and beginning of the new.

The lid depicts the symbols of spring, summer autumn and winter with the sun as masculine and the moon as femine.  

The green man celebrates rebirth and eternal life.

The broom in folklore, depicts domestic femininity and as an object to sweep away evil and bad luck.   

Used in wiccan marriage ceremony (hand fasting), to finalise the marriage rites with couple jumping over the broom to become one together, filled  with, health and luck.