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The Witches’ Chalice By Tina Tarrant £24.99

The New  - Waxing - First Quarter - Full - Waning - Dark Moon


The triple  goddess or Mother earth is affiliated with the magnetic moon through its monthly cycle of new to old.  

Metaphorically the woman goddess depicts the waxing moon as the maiden.   

Her time is morning, the season of spring.  She is new blooming and developing into her first quarter.  A time to be adventurous, begin again, new plans, ideas and planting seedlings.

The earth mother in a full fertile magnetic moon in her summer, her time is midday,

A tempestuous time, when emotions are in a heightened state,  the tide is high and people are in waves of insanity.   Historic battles and wars were fought during this temperamental period.

Her final stage see’s the old wise one in her age of wisdom.  Symbolically she is the crone, her time is evening from autumn into winter until her end.  This is a time to banishing evil negativity, to finalise and terminate.  

Plant root vegetables’ and burn black candles eliminating fears and aid protection.  

As the dark moon approaches. It is a time to plan and look to the future and to the new moon.

In reference to the chalice it would have been difficult to show the pregnant female image as she would be out of balance and proportion to the other two.  

The concept was to  symbolically represent her as a full moon with rising tides and mountains embracing the snake, which is a phallic representation of man ascending up to meet the waves and mountains.

The snake is magical symbol for doctors and justice.   Culturally admired, respected and practised in Voodoo spirituality.  Although the snake has the unfortunate reputation in association with evil, Lucifer and man, the reptile itself is a beautiful majestic creature  rubbed up the wrong way.

The Poisen Challace by Tina Tarrant Wicca Seasons Casket by Tina Tarrant Midnight Flight Goblet by Tina Tarrant Highly Recommended