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he Vampire bat became an inspiration to a lifelong interest in the un-dead, along with trips to Whitby, Rumania and south America.

I designed the bat goblet as a sensual and sexual object.
The front sees the bat cradle the cup.  The back shows an illusion of a curvy female form.

We are currently working on a red glass inlay with the moon, tree and bat coveting the cup.  The goblet will be supported by and encased in Pewter.

Orientals refer to the bat as Foo, signifying happiness, although not fortunate for the bat itself, which is captured and used in medicine and magic.  

In Spring bats emerge from hibernation to generally feed on insects and breed.  Rising at dusk, with limited sight, their ears are a sonar picture, navigating through their nose lever. The Vampire bat bares no lever, but is equipped with sharp teeth enabling it to feed on the blood of animals and humans.

A bat in charm form is worn by card and gambling enthusiasts to attract good fortune.

Over the years bats have been used for occult purposes and can be listed as one of the many witch familiars, together with cat, dog, goat, toad and raven. Although it is the legendary vampire who claims the creature to be a metamorphic spiritual accomplice.

Midnight Flight Bat Goblet

by Tina Tarrant  £29.99

The Changing Ages of The Moon Goblet by Tina Tarrant The Poisen Challace by Tina Tarrant Wicca Seasons Casket by Tina Tarrant