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The Poison  Chalice by Tina Tarrant £24.99

Inspired by my book “What’s Your Poison’ the chalice is a magical cup incorporating the fine line plant forces within nature to cure or kill.  It all depends on the dose!  

The chalice portrays a variety of magical poisonous plants, recognised as the witches’ garden, including deadly nightshade, monkshood, thorn apple, hemlock, hellebore and mandrake.  

The green man nymph at the base is the plants guardian , celebrating their power over life and death.

The stem is a tree of life showing roots of wisdom.  The symbols are of Saturn and Jupiter;  Venus of woman and Mars of man and sextile in union.  Because of their dark nature, Culpepper  named the Solanaceae and Umbelliferae toxic plant families as the Saturnian herbs,

The goblet bears magical qualities and used wisely, is aimed to bring wisdom and good fortune to its owner.

The rim of the cup are symbols of spring, summer, autumn, winter with Jupiter, the planet of luck and joviality.

The goblet yields to a celebration of life, death and rebirth